A Message from the Board of Directors of Young Audiences of Rochester:

After over 2 years of attempting to find a solution to the difficult financial position in which we found Young Audiences of Rochester in 2015, the Board of Directors, upon the advice of legal counsel resolved, by unanimous vote of the remaining directors, to wind up the business of and dissolve Young Audiences of Rochester due to insolvency. Regrettably, this required the organization to immediately lay off staff, secure all business records and notify secured creditors.

Having fulfilled this initial duty, we are now working to find a path forward that continues the mission of Young Audiences and minimizes the impact on those who Young Audiences of Rochester served. To that end, our focus has turned towards the currently scheduled work and pending contracts of our artists. We are seeking ways to work with other organizations to continue the work. Results of ongoing discussions will be communicated directly with customers and artists as they unfold. In the meantime, Rochester area customers interested in booking artists with whom you have worked in the past are encouraged to contact the artists directly. If you need contact information, write to operations@yarochester.org. Please allow 2 business days for a response. Artist requiring information to contact customers with whom you have worked in the past can also write to operations@yarochester.org.

Over these 2 years, there have been many people and organizations who have helped YAR keep its doors open while the board and staff pursued potential solutions to the fragile financial condition in which we found the organization in 2015. Most miraculously generous and patient were our artists. We deeply regret we could not bring this to a better conclusion for you. Donors and volunteers who continued to support our ongoing operations, including those who listened to our business case, but could not help us, we sincerely appreciate all that you did. Your generosity with time, talent, and treasure frequently refreshed our resolve through the last 2 years. We also must acknowledge the personal sacrifices and tireless work of the staff over the last 2 years to keep the arts experiences happening. We know you are feeling this disappointment as profoundly as we are. We thank you sincerely for your dedicated service. To be sure, it is to the credit of everyone, artists, donors, volunteers, and staff, that YA Rochester could deliver over 278,000 arts experiences since the beginning of our 2015-16 fiscal year. These would not have been possible without each and every one of you.

While the remaining four board members were unable to achieve a resolution to the deep indebtedness and liability that we found in 2015 before we were required to take these actions, we still believe in the value of the innovative programs provided to the youth of Rochester by YA artists. We do not take the action of closing lightly, nor do we see the action as our last associated with the mission. Maximizing the opportunities for sorely needed arts in education programs was and remains an important mission. The faces of the children and the patience of our artists were beacons of hope for us through the last two years. We are very disappointed we were not able to see YA Rochester to a better state, but we hope to set a foundation so that mission can continue.

Any further questions can be directed to operations@yarochester.org