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“Art makes you smarter. Without art, what a glum world we would live in.”

—Congresswoman Louise Slaughter






About Young Audiences of Rochester



For over 50 years, Young Audiences of Rochester, NY (YA), the largest, most comprehensive, multi-modal non-profit arts learning organization in upstate NY, has been your premier resource and provider of award-winning, innovative, quality arts learning experiences for children and youth from cradle to college/careers. As the home of ArtPeace and its numerous teen-centered programs, and the regional axis for the national Wolf Trap Program/Early Learning Through the Arts, YA is a respected leader and catalyst for arts integration, inspiring and connecting artists, cultural and educational organizations and innovative teaching and learning opportunities.

National YA
            YA is one of 30 self-supporting affiliates in the national Young Audiences, Inc. network. Our primary mission is to use the arts for life-long learning, with a vision of preparing generations of critical thinkers, innovators, and responsible citizens, prepared for life and work in the 21st Century global marketplace. 

            We need YOU in Young Audiences! We are committed to artistic excellence, a broad and diverse range of choices, and customized programs designed in partnership that reaches as far as the imagination!

            Working with YA as a comprehensive, one-stop arts resource to meet your 21st Century arts learning needs is cost-effective and efficient. Let us be your “go-to” arts learning organization and bring the field trip to YOU! We are aware, agile and able to coordinate, customize and provide options that are aligned with NYS Learning Standards & Common Core, and national Young Audiences foundational elements: “Create, Experience, Understand, and Connect”.

            If you represent a school district, educational site such as a library, recreation or community center, classroom, early childhood or day care center, home school, seasonal, summer or after school program, an event or festival, human/social, family or counseling service agency, choose from a professional and diverse roster of national and regional teaching artists representing such arts disciplines, including, but not limited to: visual, music, theater, performance, multi-media, technology, literary, and dance.

Contacting us is easy-- online, by phone, snail mail or in person.
Refer to our user-friendly Resource Guide and select from a variety of options and focus areas:

  • Performances & Assemblies
  • Interactive Workshops
  • Customized Residencies
  • Community, After School, Expanded/Extended School Day  (year round, seasonal and summer)
  • Curriculum and Professional Development
  • Quality Assessment / Evaluation
  • Event and Fund raising Support
  • Early Childhood, Inter-generational, Adolescent/Teen, and Home School
  • Therapeutic, Creative, Meditative & Healing Arts
  • Literary, Technology, Digital and Media Arts
  • Partnership and Collaborations
  • Creative Entrepreneurship
  • NYS Learning Standards & Common Core

Create Rochester and Beyond: Scholarships are available to underwrite a portion of our artists' fees, seeded by the generosity of the Max & Marian Farash Foundation and the Xerox Foundation for those in need of financial assistance.