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Artists Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle, also working with John Wolfson, have been creating 'full-blown' installations that enchant both young and old for over twenty years. Airigami projects like Elastic Park, Balloon Manor, and Fantastic Flying Octopus have been the subject of much local, national, and international media attention. Their unique fine art and award-winning illustration work has been showcased around the world, and Larry's achievements have been recognized by The Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press, CNN Headline, PBS, Smithsonian Magazine, and Ripley's Believe It or Not!. He has appeared on The Martha Stewart Show, NBC's 'Today Show', and at the White House. As a partner in Airigami, Kelly's design sense and illustration background have helped to take Airigami programs in new directions.


Grades K-6
250 for Performances; Single Class Size for Workshops
Length 40-45 minutes
Cost $585 for Single Performance or Workshop; $770 for Two Back to Back Performances or Workshops; $715 for Evening or Community Event

Technical Requirements

Please allow for 60 minutes set-up and access to performance area; allow for 30 minutes to strike/break down after performance; performances cannot be provided outdoors.



Overview of Programs

How to Catch a Mouse: Simple Machines at Work
STEM to STEAM: This interactive, theatrical performance utilizes balloons to construct a Rube Goldberg style mousetrap, teaching how simple machines work, and the forces in nature, which affect mechanical devices that are designed to complete tasks. (Grades K-6)

  Workshops and Residencies  
A Pi Day Project: Making a Blueberry Pi
STEM to STEAM: In this hands-on Workshop, students use balloons and math to build a massive blueberry pie in the classroom. Younger students can work on their counting and arithmetic skills while older students get to use their knowledge of more advanced mathematics to calculate all of the elements of the pie, and get to see in a very tactile way, how well their calculations worked. This Workshop can be extended to accommodate a full Residency program. Contact YA Office for additional information. (3-12)