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Taikoza (Touring from New York City Young Audiences Affiliate)

Taikoza (Touring from New York City Young Audiences Affiliate)

Category: Musical Arts


Taikoza is a New York-based Japanese Taiko drum and dance ensemble that uses the deep, thunderous rhythms of the barrel-like Taiko drums, stringed instruments, metal percussion, and bamboo flutes to create electrifying energy and a highly visual performance. Drawing from Japanís rich tradition of music and performance, Artistic Director Marco Lienhard has created an original presentation that includes exquisite and colorful dances in full costume, replicating festival atmospheres. Taikoza provides a powerful, yet graceful synthesis of sound and motion, visual delight, and fun, educational audience participation all over the world.


Grades K-12
250 for performances
Length 45 minutes
Cost $1145 for Single Performance; $1665 for Two Back to Back Performances

Technical Requirements

Please allow 45 minutes for set-up; provide a dolly or flat cart to move instruments; performance space should be of minimum size 20'x12'; provide two microphones and drinking water for performers.



Overview of Programs

  Performances and Family Programs  
Japanese Taiko Drumming and Dance
Drawing from Japan's rich tradition of music and performance, experience a 100lb ancestral Japanese Taiko drum, where performers provide audiences with an experience of powerful rhythms and electrifying room-thumping energy. (K-12)

Touring Artist; Rochester Tour Dates: Available per school need. Minimum number of bookings may be required to guarantee tour. Contact YA Office for more information.