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Taylor Made Jazz (Touring from Western New York Young Audiences Affiliate)

Taylor Made Jazz (Touring from Western New York Young Audiences Affiliate)

Category: Musical Arts


Created 1987, keyboardist Van Taylor founded this jazz-oriented band, composed of an array of world-class musicians, Taylor Made Jazz (TMJ). They have played many times for American troops overseas and at various national and international festivals. They have travelled all around the world, including Cuba, Greece, Germany, Israel, France, and Africa. TMJ received the International Federation of Festival Organization’s Diamond Accord Award, multiple Night Life Magazine top R&B nods, and the People’s Choice Award for Jazz in 2003-5. They went the top of the MP3 Jazz charts in 2003. Taylor Made Jazz (TMJ) has given hundreds of school performances, this group has inspired a new generation of young fans and performers all over the world. Band Members include: Van Taylor (Keys), Robert Garrett  (Drums), Richard Rodolph (Bass), Melissa Kate Miller (Vocalist), Joyce Wilson Nixon (Vocalist), and Brian Freeman (Trumpet).


Grades K-12
Length 45-50 minutes
Cost For Full Ensemble Performances: $965 for Single Performance; $1145 for Two Back to Back Performances. For History of Jazz performances: $645 with Van; $930 with Van and Vocalist; $1215 with Van, Vocalist and Guitar or Trumpet.

Technical Requirements

Please provide access to 120v electric, and a projector.



Overview of Programs

  Performances and Family Programs  
The History of Jazz
Introduce students to a truly American music - Jazz! Performance options include using one or two musicians, with or without a vocalist. Audiences will learn about the instruments (percussion, piano, trumpet, bass and more) used to create the unique music called Jazz, and about the history and musicians behind the process (Louis Armstrong, Joe 'King' Oliver, Edward Kennedy 'Duke' Ellington, the 'King of Swing' Benny Goodman, Miles Davis and more). Special programs for Grades 9-12 include the opportunity to scat or rap with the Band. Suitable for grades K-12.

Taylor Made Jazz Performance
An inviting introduction to jazz and blues by a beloved Buffalo jazz ensemble. Demonstrating jazz instruments and performing both original songs and standards, the artists encourage audience participation via vocal warm-up exercises and singing. Qualified students are invited to join the band in performance. (K-8)