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Brian Coughlin

Brian Coughlin

Category: Theatre Arts


Brian Coughlin is known throughout the Rochester area as an accomplished Actor, Director, Film Maker, Artist, Songwriter and Teacher. He has performed in over forty theatre productions on many of the region’s most respected stages including, Rochester Community Players, The Jewish Community Center, Rochester Children's Theatre and Geva Theatre. He has directed numerous dramatic and musical productions for Geneseo Community Theatre, Avon Community Theatre, the Jewish Community Center, Rochester Children's Theatre, Rochester Community Theatre and Blackfriars. Brian has also worked extensively with the Eastman Kodak Company in the production of numerous 16mm and 35mm films for the Entertainment Imaging Division. He co-wrote, co-produced and collaborated on several award winning independent short films as well as four feature length films shot right here in Rochester. Brian has been featured in several television and radio commercials over the years and helped co-produce several others, the most recent being the ‘Be Brave for Kids’ spot for the Bivona Agency. In addition to theatre and film credits he is also an award winning singer/songwriter who regularly performs in coffee houses and clubs throughout the region. Brian’s long-running music series “Songwriters in the Round” has featured musicians from Rochester, Buffalo, Boston, Albany, Syracuse, Ithaca and Toronto.


Grades K-5 (see program descriptions)
200 for School Performances; 400 for Evening or Community Event. Note: Smaller groups allow for better discussions during presentations.
Length 45 minutes
Cost $610 for Single Performance; $895 for Two Back to Back Performances; $1035 for One Hour Evening or Community Event

Technical Requirements

Please allow 30 minutes for set-up; provide assistance for loading and unloading equipment; and one microphone and PA system for larger performance spaces.



Overview of Programs

Artists Career Panel Presentation - Theatre Artist
High School Work Based Learning Coordinators will welcome Brian Coughlin as a Theatre Artist for a panel presentation, developed to allow students to consider the role of their art interest/passion in their future plans. So many students stop arts interest areas after high school or college, yet would love to work in art fields. This Panel will help students learn how they may be able to continue in their interest areas - to consider if they can make a decent living pursuing their passion. Mr. Coughlin can provide a solo presentation or join a team of artists from other arts disciplines including Visual Art, Music/Vocal, Storytelling, and Dance. (10-12)

Montana Jack - A Cowboy's Life
Students learn about the history of the cowboy, roundups, cattle drives, and westward expansion through songs, vocabulary and interactive participation in a typical trail drive crew experience. Residencies are available upon request. Call YA Office for more information. (3-5)

Arts Integrated Theatre Residency
Working closely with classroom teachers, Mr. Coughlin will develop a Residency that integrates the arts into core curriculum and address standards for core competencies. He can incorporate theatre, music, and visual arts disciplines. An Arts-Integrated Theatre Residency actively engages students in creative learning and helps them develop significant cognitive, social, and performance skills. Each theatre residency is uniquely developed to meet a School's need, and allows the Teaching Artist to engage students in arts activities that introduce, reinforce, enhance, expand and connect their experiences with the curriculum content presented by a classroom teacher. Single Class Size for Residency Sessions. A full Residency may include seven or more sessions. Contact YA Office for more information and planning with Mr. Coughlin. K-12