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Merry Mischief

Merry Mischief

Category: Musical Arts


The core of Merry Mischief is the duo of Harry and Merlyn - energetic and acoustic musicians with a love of traditional folk music of America and the British Isles. Performances focus on songs from these areas and feature them in costuming to match historical and cultural periods. The surprising contrast of Merlyn's beautiful alto voice blended with Harry's tenor voice brings a unique and pleasing style of harmonies to their music! Songs are driven by Merlyn's 12-string rhythm guitar and complemented by Harry's finger-picking style 6-string guitar. Harmonies to delight and soothe your senses!


Grades 4-8
300 for Performances
Length 45 minutes
Cost $570 for Single Performance; $1000 for Two Back to Back Performances; $860 for One Hour Evening or Community Event. Travel fee required.

Technical Requirements

Please provide: 20 amp @ 120 volt outlet within 50 feet of stage; minimum 12'x8' area for performance space.



Overview of Programs

  Performances and Family Programs  
Songs of the Civil War
In period costume, re-enactors and musicians share folklore about the Union and Confederate armies, and music from the era. (4-6)

Tales and Tunes along the Towpath
An informative and entertaining program filled with songs, poems and facts from the Erie Canal. Songs such as "Low Bridge", "Never Take The Hindshoe From A Mule", and "The E-R-I-E" are performed in historical period costume so students can experience the mood and feeling of living on the Erie Canal. (4-6)

Renaissance Poetry and Music
Poetry and music are relished with merriment as songs of knights, dragons, damsels in distress, seafaring men, and fearsome pirates bring them to life! (4-8)

Piractical Treasures and Trinkets!
"Avast ye, me hearties!" This upbeat show is specially designed for landlubber and scallywag students alike! Merry Mischief shares poetry, songs and folklore about famous pirates from the high seas, and will take your audience on an adventure with sing-along sailing songs and stories in this theatrical performance from two properly dressed pirates. Students will learn about the history behind famous pirates, female pirates, and pirates who did good deeds! They will hear jokes that make them laugh, music to make toes tap, and groan at crusty old jokes like 'What are a pirate's favorite socks? Arrrrrgyles!' (Grades 3-7)

Sing-Along with Santa and Mrs. Claus
Merlyn and Harry perform as Santa and Mrs. Claus, providing audiences with an ageless performances of caroling, holiday tunes and festive jokes like 'Why does Scrooge love Rudolf so much? Because every buck is deer to him!' Performances can be modified to meet site needs and provide a variety of secular, religious traditional songs. (All Grades and Audiences)

Celtic Cornucopia!
Don't wait for St. Patrick's Day - enjoy beautiful music all year with songs from a range of Celtic countries! Merlyn and Harry perform songs from the British Isles, the Emerald Isle (Ireland), Scotland and Wales, including tunes and tales that share history about events such as 'An Gorta Mor' (the Great Famine), Immigration to American, and the Erie Canal. This engaging performance captures student attention through fast dance tunes, slow ballads, songs about Bonnie Prince Charles, and Wee Folk (Fairies!). The performing duo can accommodate venue thematic and focus needs with advanced planning for costuming and music selection. Contact YA Office for more information. (All Grades and Audiences)

Spooky & Kooky, Tunes & Tales!
Merry Mischief provides a kid-friendly spooky performance with stories and music about Ghost, Magickal Beasts, and other kooky stories and songs. This show will be a little silly, and performed by the costumed Merlyn and Harry of Merry Mischief. They are the real scaredy cats! (grades K-5)