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Caryn Lin (Touring from Easter Pennsylvania/New Jersey Young Audiences Affiliate)

Caryn Lin (Touring from Easter Pennsylvania/New Jersey Young Audiences Affiliate)

Category: Musical Arts


Electric violinist Caryn Lin jokingly described a musical piece as "Native American, West African, techno-tribal, Australian, cosmic, Celtic, dance, rock, Egyptian." There is no previously defined category for Caryn's unique genre. A classicaly trained violinist who became an elebric violiist and education innovator, Caryn finds influence in everything from baroque to rock. Caryn started violin lessons at age 9 and earned a bachelor's degree in violin performance from Northwestern University. Playing her 4, 5, and 6 string electric violins, Caryn uses looping techniques to create short, on-the-spot recordings of her voice, percussion instruments, and other sounds. As she plays the violin, the recorded snippets play back in a continous loop adding fascinating layers of sound over deceptively simple melodies. The resutling music is otherworldly and totally catchy, mesmerizing and unique.


Grades K-12
Length 45 minutes
Cost $1000 for Single Performance; $1430 for Two Back to Back Performances; $143 for Single Workshop (needs to be scheduled with a Performance)

Technical Requirements

Access to a performance area 2 hours prior to start of program (for equipment load-in); cleared stage/performance area; need access to an electrical outlets; allow for one hour to strike set after performance.



Overview of Programs

  Performances, Workshops and Family Programs  
Bach 2 Rock And The Sound Of Science
STEM to STEAM and Character Education: In the amazing multi-media presentation Bach 2 Rock: The Science of Sound, Caryn Lin transforms sound through the use of her five string electric violin and a myriad of modern technology! The highly interactive program takes students on a journey from the classical days of Bach to today's techno-wonders. By using modern techniques, including looping and other effects to produce unique and dynamic soundscapes, audiences are introduced to the many scientific concepts involved in the creation of live music. Through use of technology, three dimensional sound waves become visible, bringing music to life before the audiences very eyes! Workshops available upon request. (K-12)

Touring Artist; Rochester Tour Dates: Available per school need. Minimum number of bookings may be required to guarantee tour. Contact YA Office for more information.