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Steppin' Out String Band

Steppin' Out String Band

Category: Musical Arts


Four dynamic and talented female musicians have joined forces to form this high energy band of instrumentals and close harmony vocals. Concert programs include swinging jigs, reels, polkas, hornpipes, airs and waltzes, folks songs, ballads and traditional American patriotic music. Steppin Out String Band is a favorite with audiences of all ages at Festival Stages, Concerts and Parties. Members include Kathleen Cappon (washboard, button accordion), Barbara Jablonski (hammered dulcimer), Cathy McGrath (guitar, flute, penny-whistle), and Becky Schneider (bass, banjo, mandolin).


Grades K-6
200 for Folk Music Performance; 60 for Singing Games Performance; Single Class Size of 25 for Workshops for either program
Length 45 minutes for Performances; Workshops vary
Cost $1330 for Two Back to Back Performances or Single Performance with Single 45-mins Workshop or Single Performance with Two 25-mins Workshops or Four 25-mins Workshops

Technical Requirements

Please provide a flat-bed dolly at designated entrance for both setup and breakdown. Additional needs: two arm-less chairs, pitcher of water and glasses, set on a table placed behind performers. Allow 90 minutes for setup and 60 minutes for break down. No electricity requirements if the show will be acoustic. Band would prefer to be placed close to students, and not on a stage above or away from the students. Students may sit closely on floor or seated in rows of chairs. If a Large Auditorium Stage must be used, please provide access to electricity, and allow for 60 minutes to setup and 45 minutes to break down the show. Band needs approximately 200sf (area 20 feet wide x 10 feet deep) to accommodate all performers and instruments. Thank you!



Overview of Programs

  Performances and Family Programs  
Folk Music Travels: Tradition and Transformation
Steppin Out String Band introduces students to American folk songs and dances, using traditional musical instruments first used in American by European and African immigrants. Audiences will develop an understanding on how songs and music have been passed from generation to generation, and become entwined in American culture and experience. The performance encourages student participation, and increases their understanding and appreciation of diverse ethnic and cultural influences that have shaped traditional American music. Workshops for Single Classes of 25-60 students are available upon request. (Performances should be grouped by Grades K-3 and 4-6)

Singing Games: Building Connections with Music
Students learn a new sense of community, cooperation, and respect for self and others by actively performing traditional singing games led by the artists. Singing games were carried by America's early settlers to the frontiers and were played by children and young adults for recreation and celebration. Students participate in the fun of reinventing these games, moving to the sound of their own singing and following the game plan. The result is exuberant, creative musical expression, group cooperation, and a fresh view of American's traditional music. Workshops for Single Classes of 25 students are available upon request. (Performances limited to 60 students, and grade levels should be grouped close together. Suitable for Grades K-6)