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Annette Ramos

Annette Ramos

Category: Theatre Arts


Annette Ramos has become a leading Hispanic artistic presence in the Rochester area, since moving from Los Angeles several years ago. She is best described as a multi-dynamic, highly energized, Latina storyteller and teaching artist who delivers powerful joyful programming to your audiences teaching excellent skills through many Literacy Programís for Young Audiences of Rochester and Writers & Books. Annette is well known for her many childrenís programs with an emphasis on early literacy through creative arts play and interactive theater. She maintains an active schedule as a Teaching Artist for the City of Rochester and surrounding areas. Although children are her top priority, she has facilitated several years of adult diversity corporate trainings and continues to lead professional development programs for teachers and early childhood Educators.


Grades K-6
250 for Performances; Single Class Size for Workshop
Length 45 minutes
Cost $430 for Single Performance; $785 for Two Back to Back Performances; $180 for Single Workshop; YA Office for more information for Residencies, Consultations and Professional Development experiences.

Technical Requirements

Please provide a private place for the artist to change into costume; a clean and cleared performance space; one small table and one chair; assistance unloading and loading supplies if needed; one flat bed/rolling cart; an electric outlet or use of a sound system; and drinking water. Gracias!



Overview of Programs

The Juan Bobo Folktales
This highly interactive, energized performance brings to life several of the misadventures of a much-loved classic Puerto Rican fictional character, Juan Bobo, immersing students into Hispanic culture through call-and- response chants, movement and imaginative play. (K-6) Residency is available upon request.

Indigenous Folktales: The Art of Storytelling
Through several native tales, total immersion in this cross-cultural performance gives students a deeper understanding of diverse cultures, with hands-on participation in the steps of storytelling, chants and creative movement. (3-6) Workshop on Storytelling is available upon request.

The Story of Coqui Frog
STEM to STEAM: Ms. Ramos presents a fun and highly energized educational, inter-disciplinary and bilinqual program for young audiences. The story of the Coqui as retold by Ms. Ramos teaches many lessons while educating young audiences on the only U.S. tropical rain forest. (K-4)

Artists Career Panel Presentation - Theatre Artist
High School Work Based Learning Coordinators will welcome Annette Ramos as a Theatre Artist for a panel presentation, developed to allow students to consider the role of their art interest/passion in their future plans. So many students stop arts interest areas after high school or college, yet would love to work in art fields. This Panel will help students learn how they may be able to continue in their interest areas - to consider if they can make a decent living pursuing their passion. Mrs. Ramos can provide a solo presentation or join a team of artists from other arts disciplines including Visual Art, Music/Vocal, Storytelling, and Dance

The Art of Storytelling
Students experience total immersion in a cross-cultural experience, inspiring and motivating them to engage in the tradition of storytelling. (3-6) Single Class Size.

An Introduction to Biomes
STEM to STEAM: Explore one of six biomes, natural world environments classified by their predominant vegetation and the animals that adapt to them, using storyboards, fact sheets, and by sharing what was discovered with the rest of class. (K-4) Single Class Size.

Theatre Consultation
This workshop allows Ms. Ramos to provide teachers and staff members with direction on the best ways to integrate theatre experiences into daily classroom learning. This consultation session does not replace a traditional Professional Development experience, but allows for quick, close discussion between a small group of educators and a highly experienced theatre teaching artist. Consultations may be scheduled for up to 10 people and are provided for Teaching Staff.

Early Childhood Residencies
Former WolfTrap,STEM certified: Customized early childhood literacy residencies. Works collaboratively with classroom teachers during a residency, weaving arts into the classroom curriculum to improve academic growth in the following areas: emergent literacy, self-awareness and self-confidence, group awareness and socialization skills, problem-solving skills, ability to concentrate and remember, gross and fine motor control, awareness of individual creativity, motivation and enthusiasm for learning, and conceptual and verbal skills. Exemplary literature is used throughout each residency. Residency sessions are six weeks in length, with the teaching artist visiting a classroom two times a week for 45-60 minute sessions, for a total of twelve sessions. (PreK-2)