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Susan Rozler (Touring from Western New York Young Audiences Affiliate)

Susan Rozler (Touring from Western New York Young Audiences Affiliate)

Category: Musical Arts


With over 25 years of professional musicianship, entertaining and teaching in her bag of tricks. Susan Rozler will have your audience mesmerized. Susan has worked as a music teacher for K-5 and as a teaching and performing artist with The Hill Brothers, Earth Spirit, Mama Earth's Kitchen Band, Sid Winkler Party Band, and McClure Productions. She also performs with her band, The Sid Winkler Trio.


Grades K-5
Length 45 minutes
Cost $470 for Single Performance; $630 for Two Back to Back Performances; $470 for Single Evening or Community Event; Travel Fee Required.

Technical Requirements

Please allow one hour for set up and 30 minutes to strike. Performance area should be approximately 15'x15' or larger; Provide a flat bed cart for loading/unloading equipment and instruments, and one microphone.



Overview of Programs

  Performances and Family Programs  
Great Garbage Concert
Performer Susan Rozler (also see this listing on McClure Artist Guild page!): This musical recycling show brims with bumps, bangs, whooshes, and whirls - as well as sweet melodies - on a seven-foot long pile of musical trash called the 'Garbaphone'! (K-5)

Mama Earth's Kitchen Band
Meets Early Childhood needs: Through this environmentally themed country-hoedown, students will sing along to songs that get them hootin', howlin', clappin', snappin', wrigglin' and gigglin"! (PreK-5)

Susie the Singing Elf Holiday Show
Meets Early Childhood needs: In full Elfen regalia, Susie the Elf leads a festive holiday sing-along, featuring songs from around the world, including Feliz Navidad, the Dreidel Song, Oh Tanenbaum. Don't miss Susan's rendition of the Chipmunk's Christmas song! (PreK-2)

  Workshops and After School Programs  
Introduction to Instruments from Around the World
Enjoy a hands-on experience playing instruments from from around the world, including a banjo, harmonicas, American Folk kitchen instruments, an African tone box, didgeridoo, djembe, assorted bells, maracas, cabasa, flutes and more! This experience emphasizes teamwork and appreciation of world culture. Single Class Size for Workshops. (K-5)

  Performances, Workshops, Family Programs and After School Programs  
Erie Canal Show
Meets Early Childhood needs: Through interactive period games, stories, songs and dances, accompanied by harmonica, banjo and guitar, students learn about the construction of the Erie Canal. Workshops available upon request. (PreK-5)