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Flower City Vaudeville

Flower City Vaudeville

Category: Theatre Arts


Flower City Vaudeville features the prodigious musical talents of Ward Hartenstein, the physical comedy skills of Richard Hughson, and the object manipulation artistry of Ted Baumhauer. The beautiful bygone days of variety entertainment are brought to life by Flower City Vaudeville's wide array of whimsical acts. They feature fun-filled entertainment for all ages. Flower City Vaudeville's fast-paced, energetic mix of comedy, juggling, old timey radio stories, musical interludes, and daring feats with whipped cream keeps their audiences on the edge of their seats. Manipulating props and audience is all part of the fun. "They don't do showbiz like this anymore!" (City Newspaper) “This family-friendly variety show is great fun and thoroughly entertaining.” (Ithaca Fringe Festival)


Grades PreK-8
350 for Performances
Length 45 minutes
Cost $860 for Single Performance; $1285 for Two Back to Back Performances

Technical Requirements

Please provide: 20'x15' stage or open performing space, 10' high ceiling, 110v electrical outlet; Allow for: 20 minutes set-up and strike time.



Overview of Programs

Working Together
Character Education: This highly entertaining performance is built on physical skills presented through comedy and good humor with a positive message about working together despite different gifts, talents, and perspectives. Skills presented by the teaching artists include: juggling, musical performance, physical comedy, storytelling, unicycle riding, lasso spinning, and audience participation. The trio of comedic artists includes Ted Baumhauer, Ed.D., Ward Hartenstein and Richard Hughson. K-8

Slapstick Science Show!
Meets STEM to STEAM and Early Childhood needs: This highly interactive show features scientific concepts brought to life with the talents and skills of Flower City Vaudeville. The intrepid scientists Ward Hartenstein, Richard Hughson and Dr. Ted Baumhauer run experiments and test theories involving air pressure, sound waves, aerodynamics, vibration and gyroscopic precession employing homemade instruments, vacuum tub cannon, boomerangs, tennis balls, spinning ball, marbles with audience participation. PreK -6