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Eddie Davis III

Eddie Davis III

Category: Visual Arts


Eddie Davis III has taught at the Memorial Art Gallery's Creative Workshop since 1996, most recently drawing and design classes for kids and teens. Eddie earned a BFA in industrial design at Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA in sculpture at Rochester Institute of Technology. He served as assistant professor of industrial design in RITís College of Imaging Arts & Sciences from 2004-08. As a clothing designer, Eddie is CEO and founder of Armored Personnel Carrier Clothing Company. He is also the illustrator of a 54-page graphic novel published in May 2014 by the Democrat and Chronicle. Here's a link to the novel - Enjoy!


Grades 6-12
Single Class Size for Workshops and Residencies
Length 45 minutes
Cost $115 for Single Workshop; Contact YA Office to plan Residencies.

Technical Requirements



Overview of Programs

  Workshops and Residencies  
Making Puppets, Making Movies
During Eddie Davis III's residency, students will EXPERIENCE the arts: Each session includes drawing demonstrations and presentations of short, original videos featuring full-face and full-body puppets. Students will gain an UNDERSTANDING in the arts: learn the basic process involved in creating a video, including photography, animation, editing and compiling video clips. CREATING in the arts: students will create several short videos featuring puppets that they make and stories of their own creation. CONNECTING in the arts: students connect to their language art curriculum s they use elements such as Point Of View and text in the creation of sequential art. Residency can be tailored to meet specific site needs. (Most appropriate for grades 3-12)

Two-Dimensional/Three-Dimensional Art
Program Description coming soon.

Creating Comics
During these residency workshop session, students participate in learning through four essential elements. EXPERIENCING in the arts: students learn the basics of cartooning and visual storytelling. Each session includes drawing and cartooning demonstrations, examples of work, and interactive drawing exercises. UNDERSTANDING in the arts: students gain an understanding of the elements that artists use when creating sequential art, such as Point Of View, visual perspective, and the use of text. CREATING in the arts: students will create a comic book by sketching, illustrating, and lettering their own creations based upon ideas developed in class. CONNECTING in the arts: joining the language arts curriculum to everyday life. Residency can be tailored to meet site needs. (Most appropriate for grades 3-12)

Graphic Novel
Artist and students will work together to design and illustrate a graphic novel or sequential art story. Each student will create his or her own project and the artist will help to facilitate at each stage, with additional work being completed by the students in between artist meetings. Single Class Size for Residencies and Workshops. (Most appropriate for grades 6-12)

  Family Programs and After School Programs  
A Visual Arts Make & Take Event!
Schools, Fairs, Festivals and other events can engage visual artist Eddie Davis III to help children and youth create artwork they can take home! Trophies, handbags, pinwheels, masks - or other shared ideas can be created by students during an event, and taken home to share with family and friends. Fees vary based on days, times and supplies needed. Contact YA Office to plan.

Eddie has limited availability. Contact YA Office for additional information.