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Michelle Cardulla

Michelle Cardulla

Category: Visual Arts


Michele was raised in upstate New York. As a child she was always moved by literature, film and painting, but art has always been the most inspiring thing in her life. After graduating from Syracuse University she cofound Lake Affect Magazine in 1994, a Rochester magazine dedicated to showcasing local artists.


Grades PreK-6
Single Class Size for Workshops and Residencies
Length 45 minutes
Cost $115 for Single Workshop; Contact YA Office to plan Residencies.

Technical Requirements



Overview of Programs

  Workshops, Residencies and After School Programs  
Meditative Arts
In this residency, Michelle Cardulla helps students EXPERIENCE the arts by beginning each session with 3-5 minutes of relaxation and breathing meditation to ensure a tranquil arts learning lesson. Students gain a basic UNDERSTANDING of making art in a step by step process, and learn to have patience with themselves and their creative process. This helps students create art they can be proud of sharing. Students will CREATE multiple pieces of artwork during a residency and use various media such as tempera paint, oil pastels, and markers. They may make sock puppets from socks, felt, yarn, feathers, and more. Creating multiple artworks allows students to CONNECT a everyday materials and supplies with the art making process. All Workshops and Residencies can be customized to meet school and student needs. Contact YA Office for more information and planning. (Grades K-12)