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Regina Neri-Maier

Regina Neri-Maier

Category: Visual Arts


Regina Neri-Maier is a gifted multi-dimensional visual artist who specializes in Ceramics, Sculpture, and other 3-D art forms. She is a certified visual arts teacher with the Rochester City School District, and a long-time provider of after-school visual arts residencies YA Rochester, the Creative Workshop at the Memorial Art Gallery, and former owner of Gallery 821. Regina received her Bachelors in Studio Art and Masters in Art Education from Nazareth College.


Grades K-12
Single Class Size for Workshops and Residencies
Length 45 minutes
Cost $115 for Single Workshop; Contact YA Office to plan Residencies.

Technical Requirements



Overview of Programs

  Workshops, Residencies and After School Programs  
3-Dimensional Design
In this residency students EXPERIENCE the arts through exploration of different 3-dimensional forms of art, art materials and processes including ceramics and sculptural techniques. Students develop and UNDERSTANDING in the arts by learning to trust their own creative decisions as they explore a variety of art materials and processes. Students CREATE arts in each residency workshop session beginning with simple drawing activities. Students will study artists, listen to music, engage in drawing and painting activities and design 3-dimensional artworks. Students will CONNECT and use what they have learned as they create a completed piece of 3-dimensional art. (Grades K-12)