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Defiant Monkey Improv (Touring from Western New York Young Audiences Affiliate)

Defiant Monkey Improv (Touring from Western New York Young Audiences Affiliate)

Category: Theatre Arts


Defiant Monkey Improv is a two-person improvisational group that creates on-the-spot theatre based on audience suggestions and participation. Performers Karen L. Eichler and Andrew M. Spragge are experienced improvisers, actors, corporate trainers, and teachers who love to have as much fun as possible. Defiant Monkey uses educational theatre methods to reinforce concepts of trust, positive communication, teamwork and self-awareness in a fun, safe and accepting environment.


Grades K-12
No audience limit for Performances; Single Class Size for Workshops
Length 45 minutes
Cost $465 for Single Performance; $610 for Two Back to Back Performances; $465 for Two Back to Back Workshops; $465 for 1-hour Evening or Community Performance. Travel Fee Required.

Technical Requirements

Please allow for up to 30 minutes to set up for performance; provide a clear, well-lit performance space and one or two microphones in stands. If available, two chairs and one small table on-stage and two chairs backstage. For workshops, it is recommended that student participants wear pants and closed-toe, rubber-soled shoes. Artists need up to 30 minutes to strike set after performance. Thank you!



Overview of Programs

Science on the Brain
Meets STEM to STEAM needs: In the all-new Science on the Brain Improv Show, scientific principles come to life through improvised theatre, engaging students with scientific ideas in a different way than they traditionally have in school, which helps reinforce the idea that science is everywhere! (K-8)

Adventures in Reading
Defiant Monkey uses improvisational techniques to show students how far they have some as readers, and show them the possibilities of what is still ahead. Following the show, students will be energized to read more deeply, and create stories of their own. (Grades K-8)

  Performances and Workshops  
Trust Yourself!
Meets Character Education needs: Have you ever been given an opportunity, but didn't take it because you were unsure of yourself? Simply by experiencing and participating in the show, students will be introduced to improvisational theater. Students will see how trusting in yourself and in your partner is crucial to success. Volunteer students will join us on stage in the safety of proven performance games. They will learn to trust themselves and others and be able to think on the spot. Workshops available upon request and are most appropriate for grades 4-12. (K-12)

All Together Now!
Meets Character Development needs: Defiant Monkey's actors use teamwork all the time. Students will see this teamwork in action as their suggestions come to life in improvised scenes illustrating the use of teamwork between improvisers. Student volunteers will be brought on stage to perform in improvisational games that use several performers. The aspects of working well as a team will follow students throughout their lives, wherever they may go and whatever they do! Workshops available upon request and are most appropriate for grades 4-12. (K-12)

  Workshops and Residencies  
Enhanced Communications
Meets Character Development needs: Participants will explore communication - what is means, how it is used, when it works well and when it breaks down. After having experienced Improv Theatre first hand, students will be able to point out how improvisers use communication and how important it is to them, and to everyone! Single Class Size of 5-15 participants. (Grade 4-Adult)