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Jeremy Stock (Touring from Western New York Young Audiences Affiliate)

Jeremy Stock (Touring from Western New York Young Audiences Affiliate)

Category: Visual Arts


Jeremy Stock is a cartoonist and educator living in Western New York. His award winning caricatures, comics and illustration have taken him all over the world to teach and manage young artists. His work is often compared to and influenced by underground comics and cartoons of the late 80s and early 90s.


Grades 3-12
Single Class Size for Workshops
Length 45
Cost Contact YA Office for additional information and planning.

Technical Requirements

Please provide a well lit room with a chalk board or dry erase board. Students will need paper, writing/drawing utensils, and a surface to create on (e.g. tables, desks, etc.).



Overview of Programs

Now That's a Story!
Meets STEM to STEAM and Character Education needs: Let's tell a story! This program will bring the world of cartooning and comics straight into the classroom. Students will explore theories and techniques in the realms of caricature, character development, visual story telling, and ultimately create a full-length comic book that they can proudly present to the world! Workshops can be customized for any subject matter or classroom curriculum such as Science, History or Math. (3-12)