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We R 3C (Bart Dentino)

We R 3C (Bart Dentino)

Category: Musical Arts


The Program Founder of We R 3C, Bart Dentino, has been a teaching artist and curriculum consultant for over 25 years. He is well known for his work as a professional songwriter and performer and has received numerous awards for his individual and combined efforts including the American Library Association’s Notable Children’s Recording for the original children’s album, I Wish I Was a Dinosaur. This esteemed award, given on a national level for children’s music and literature, is awarded to only ten artists annually. Throughout the years, Bart’s association with entertaining children and adults has led him to design creative teaching strategies for teachers to use in addressing problem academic areas. His work was featured on the popular educational PBS television show, “Homework Hotline” and Bart was showcased as “innovator in children’s music” on the PBS Video Magazine, “Out on a Whim.” He was designated as a “Friend of Education” by the Delta Kappa Gamma Honor Society of teachers who are recognized for their high standards and excellence in education. For the past four years, Bart has been working in the upper New York state area with a unique approach to behavioral education that has achieved much success and acclamation in schools and in other communities. Adults and young people alike have discovered how to allow long term, intrinsic motivation to contribute to their communities in positive, proactive ways through implementing the Beginnings curriculum and the We R 3C curriculum.


Grades K-3
Single Class Size Workshops
Length 40
Cost $574 for Single Performance; $1080 for Two Back to Back Performances; $1485 for Three Back to Back Performances; $1958 for Four Back to Back Performances. Contact YA Office for more information about Professional Development Workshops.

Technical Requirements

Please provide a single straight-back chair without arms; a smart board with capabilities to play a PDF slideshow and remote control capabilities; bottled water; a 12'x12' floor space for students to be seated; artist will arrive 45 minutes to set-up before the performance and need 30 minutes to strike. Thank you!



Overview of Programs

We R 3C Beginnings: Concert in the Classroom
Meets Character Education needs: The curriculum offers process-based lessons, activities, and theme-based music, which create and instill in children, awareness, recognition, and appreciation of their community. This awareness, recognition, and appreciation of the likenesses and differences in each other is the first step in leading them to acknowledge, support and utilize the positive qualities each one of us can offer in helping to create a caring community. Beginnings concentrates on helping young people of this age who are in Piaget's 'egocentric' stages of cognitive development, understand what is required in order to become a community of caring, compassionate and respectful individuals. As a curriculum, Beginnings confronts the egocentric stage of development, which is where 5, 6, and 7 year olds exist, and engages them to look 'outside of their ego' and become aware of what's around them. In a real sense, the curriculum guides young children past their egocentric blinders through material that focuses on three curricular themes: Theme 1: Recognizing the Same and Different; Theme 2: Appreciation of Same and Different (Grade 1-aged students, 6yrs old); Theme 3: Me and Other (Grade 2-aged students, 7yrs old). Beginnings sequentially and deliberately presents the above Themes through a series of 12 original children-based songs written by the award winning artist Bart Dentino. The magical combination of curriculum-based learning through the utilization of music produces engaging and retentive learning that leads towards behaviors that ultimately become intrinsically motivated life-long skills. We R 3C's Beginnings curriculum takes understanding and learning to new heights in what many have referred to as a 'revolutionary approach' to Character Education as it relates to Pro-Social Behavior and the topic of Bullying. Professional Development Workshops are available for teachers. (K-3)