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Olivia Kim

Olivia Kim

Category: Visual Arts


Olivia has been making things with her hands since she was a child. She went to School of the Arts High School in Rochester, NY where she studied vocal music, dance, musical theater, drawing, painting, and sculpture. She attended Alfred University, receiving a BFA cum laude and Divisional Honors in Ceramic Sculpture. Afterwards, she studied drawing, painting and sculpture for four years at The Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. In high school she made predominantly abstract sculptures, and then in Italy she learned to make realistic sculptures of the human figure. Classical Academy training involves the study of the nude - a respectful study which is equivalent to how doctors study the body. Since then, she has been exploring the use of clay, bronze and cast glass to make sculptures of body movement. Olivia is fascinated that the way a person thinks or feels affects how s/he moves and vice versa. Her study of movement has led her to learn dances in order to understand the moves. The majority of her sculptures are studied directly from life. Her subjects range from the movements of ordinary people to professionals in their field because she sees all forms of life to be important.


Grades 10-12
Note: Smaller groups allow for better discussions during presentations
Length 45
Cost Contact YA Office for more information about presentations.

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Overview of Programs

Artists Career Panel Presentation - Visual Arts Artist
High School Work Based Learning Coordinators will welcome Olivia Kim as a Visual Arts Artist for a panel presentation, developed to allow students to consider the role of their art interest/passion in their future plans. So many students stop arts interest areas after high school or college, yet would love to work in art fields. This Panel will help students learn how they may be able to continue in their interest areas - to consider if they can make a decent living pursuing their passion. Ms. Kim can provide a solo presentation or join a team of artists from other arts disciplines including Theatre, Music/Vocal, Storytelling, and Dance. (10-12)