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Delores Jackson Radney

Delores Jackson Radney

Category: Theatre Arts


Ms. Jackson Radney is a popular, experienced and engaging performer who works in a variety of capacities as a Young Audiences of Rochester roster teaching artist and through her company, Kuumba Consultants. Students will hear and sing songs, participate in dance, read poetry, and create theater pieces inspired by these art forms. Class sessions will guide students to an understanding of the process involved in creating and performing.


Grades K-12
Single Class Size for Workshops.
Length 45
Cost $115 for Single Workshop; Cost of Supplies additional. Contact YA Office to plan Residencies.

Technical Requirements



Overview of Programs

  Workshops, Residencies and After School Programs  
Word, Speak, Play: Performance for Youth
Ms. Jackson Radney's theatre and storytelling program is grounded in four essential elements: Students EXPERIENCING the arts - hear and sing songs, participate in dance, read poetry, and create theatre pieces inspired by these art forms. UNDERSTANDING the arts - class sessions guide students to an understanding of the process involved in creating and performing songs, dances, and spoken word. CREATING in the arts - students create their own performance of a song, dance or poem. CONNECTING through the arts - students gain the tools and experience to connect their writing and performance to an audience. Residencies are traditionally 7-sessions in length, but Ms. Jackson Radney can work with coordinators to modify for site needs. (K-12)

Super Heroes Hall of Fame
Youth will read and share stories of heroism both personal and historical, learn theater games and the basics acting and performance. Youth will watch short biographical movies, listen to poetry and songs about heroes both famous and everyday people. The biographies explored will be the basis of the students creating their own super hero. The youth will write a biography of the superhero they create, make a portrait of the superhero and make costumes to create their own original superheroes. The culminating activity will be a Super Hero Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame will be a performance show and tell format where students will act out their superhero for families and community. Artist can provide supplies for an additional fee. (K-12)

Spotlight on History: Drama for Life
In this theatre residency, Ms. Jackson Radney provides students with an EXPERIENCE in theatre arts as they learn to perform monologues of key historical figures. Students develop an UNDERSTANDING of the arts in each workshop session as the Artist guides them through the process of creating and performing monologues. Each participating student CREATES their own performance of a first person monologue, and CONNECTS performing experiences with writing. (K-12)