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Reuben J. Tapp, MS

Reuben J. Tapp, MS

Category: Theatre Arts


Reuben J. Tapp, MS is a long-time provider of theatre experiences for Rochester area schools and community centers. He specializes in Black Theatre and Process Drama (described as theater of the oppressed, which allows people to use the drama in their lives to become the impetus for solutions in the lives of others). This specialty has allowed Mr. Tapp the opportunity to begin providing theatre experiences in juvenile correctional facilities. His theatre work includes other specialties such as storytelling, improvisation, puppetry and mask work, and he is a founding member of The Rochester Bronze Collective; Artistic Director of Maplewood Performing Arts Centre (MPAC), and is an Artist in Residence at MuCCC. He has received a TANYS Festival Award for Outstanding Acting, has toured nationally in various children's theater productions, and is also a Dramaturg for the local Sankofa Festival.


Grades K-12
300 for Performances; Single Class size for workshops. Note: Smaller groups allow for better discussions during presentations.
Length 45 minutes
Cost $360 for Single Performance, $610 for Two Back to Back Performances; $115 for Single Workshop; $420 for Evening or Community Event. Contact YA Office to plan Residencies.

Technical Requirements

Artist will arrive 15 minutes before performance. Please provide a microphone and a cleared performance space that can be accessed by Student Volunteers.



Overview of Programs

African Folk Tales and Fables
Using dramatic theatre presentation and music, Mr. Tapp retells traditional folk tales, myths, legends and fables from multiple countries and cultures on the African Continent. Student volunteers are invited onstage to help demonstrate some of the main characters, and to help Mr. Tapp teach the audience how to become Storytellers by using theatre skills such as projection, body language, voice, and expression. (Grades K-5)

It Takes a Forum of People to Raise a Community
An old African proverb says 'It takes a village to raise a child', stating the need for parents and guardians to rely on many community resources to help raise young children. This Residency helps small groups of students come together as a theatre team, to have discussions and achieve an understanding on ways community members can work through differences to find resolution and acceptance, and to comprehend the importance of a strong community to help provide for all individuals. Drawing on students own life experiences, participants are guided to develop a theatre performance that presents a sample community full of social differences, and then demonstrate the ways they have learned to resolve conflict and build a community of acceptance. This residency can provide a forum for diverse groups of students, and help participants explore ways to manage a wide range of social issues such as bullying, teen pregnancy, sexism, racism, and more. This Residency can be scheduled in a minimum of 4 sessions, or a maximum of ten session. Program culminates with a student-performance to demonstrate skills and messages learned. (Grades 4-12)

  Workshops and Residencies  
Theatre Arts: SuperStar or SuperNova!
Students EXPERIENCE theatre art and are exposed to a wide range of theatre skills through games that aid the development of an effective actor in the community. A special blend of theatre and activism, storytelling and community building, improvisation and conflict resolution. Students UNDERSTAND theatre art through theatre games, and theatre lessons that include improvisation, storytelling, teamwork and character development. Students CREATE theatre art by using new skills and constructing skits or vignettes around issues that are important to them. Students CONNECT across the language arts curriculum to everyday life. Contact YA Office for more information and planning. (K-12)