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Adrianne Rose Santucci

Adrianne Rose Santucci

Category: Dance


Adrianne Rose Santucci provides a diverse range of arts learning experiences for children and youth in the Rochester region, where she provides classes in African Dance and Drumming, Creative Movement, and Hip Hop and Caribbean dancing. As a long-time educator for the City of Rochester's Department of Recreation Ms. Rose Santucci taught a multi-cultural, intergenerational program of African Dance and Culture. She currently provides classes through the Hochstein School of Music and Dance, and children's theatre classes with Kuumba Consultants. She is also an ensemble member of Sankofa and Mounafanyi African Dance and Drum.


Grades K-12
250 for Performances; Ms. Rose Santucci prefers Single Class Size for Workshops and Residency sessions, but will consider special requests for larger groups (e.g. PE classes, language students or grade levels).
Length 45 minutes
Cost $115 for Single Workshop; Contact YA Office to plan Residencies

Technical Requirements

Please provide one or two microphones, one 6' table and chairs, and access to a sound system if available. Note: there is a fee if the artist needs to provide her own sound equipment. Allow one hour for set-up and 30 minutes to break.



Overview of Programs

African Drumming, Dance and Culture
In this residency students EXPERIENCE the arts with an introduction to vibrant African cultures and learn the dance movements for a variety of folk dances, including 'Temate' (harvest), 'Kuku' (mask), Bin-Ya-Yo-Be, Lan Ban, Zaouli and South African Gum Boot dances. Students will experience traditional percussion and instruments through performances with Ms. Santucci in each session. Students develop an UNDERSTANDING of the arts by learning about the social and cultural significance of these dances. Grade levels 5-6 will incorporate Research of dance styles and artists during the residency. Each session engages students with CREATING art by encouraging warm-up exercises, review of information and dance performances. Students CONNECT with another culture through this residency and their learning is guided by a master teaching artist. (Grades K-12)

  Workshops and After School Programs  
African Dance Workshop
Students build teamwork and cooperation skills as they learn group-style African dances, such as Temate, Bin-Ya-Yo-Be, Lan Ban, Zaouli, South African Gum Boot, Stick, and Warrior (Hunters Dance). Many dances can be high-energy and suitable for Physical Education class experiences. Ms. Rose Santucci has many years engaging groups of youth in dance experiences, and expand the learning through discussions of social and culture meanings behind the dances. She prefers Single Class Size for Workshops but will consider special requests for larger groups (e.g. PE classes, language students or grade levels). (Grades K-12)