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Sharon Locke

Sharon Locke

Category: Visual Arts


Sharon Locke is an interdisciplinary artist, located in Rochester, NY. Her personal artwork includes clay, metal, and glass sculptures, figure drawings, photography, and video documentation. She is a creativity coach at Beyond Creative Boundaries, and received a BA in Sociology from the University of Colorado, a BFA in Sculpture from New York State SUNY College, a MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College, and a PhD (Creativity Certificate) in Creative Studies from Saybrook University. Ms. Locke has worked with students extensively throughout New York and California, teaching clay portraiture and installation art.


Grades K-12
Single Class Size for Workshops (25-30 students. Larger groups can be accommodated through special arrangement with Ms. Locke.
Length 40-60 minutes
Cost $215 for Single Workshop; $250 for Two Back to Back; $535 for Four Back to Back; Material fees apply for pre-made clay heads ($18 per Workshop Session) and a Firing Fee if Artist needs to fire off-site; Travel Fees May Apply

Technical Requirements

Artist will provide a pre-made clay head on a wooden armature for each Workshop Session (see fees). For Residencies: Materials needed: Water-based clay, wooden armatures, clay tools. Provide one tall table or cart on wheels for the artist to demonstrate, a smaller table for the student created clay head, and adequate work space or tables for student work in residencies. Setting needed: Classroom, auditorium or any space where students can sit and observe the front of the room where the demonstration is executed. Art rooms recommended for residencies. Completed clay portraits that are created by student participants are given to the work group and educational site.



Overview of Programs

Installation Art
Ms. Locke's intent during this residency is to facilitate experiences where students work collaboratively and individually, to create a temporary or permanent art installation. Students will be introduced to contemporary art installations that have been created around the world. Ms. Locke will instruct students on how to create composition, use lighting, and elements of an installation site to enhance a project. Students will develop an understanding of the basic techniques involved in installation art, and experience how a project begins with a few ideas and organically evolves during the creative team process. Visual art teachers are integral in their leadership roles with the artist and students, to determine specific themes, materials and appropriate locations for artwork. (Grades 8-12)

  Workshops and Residencies  
Clay Portraiture
STEM to STEAM: Utilizing a life-size clay model head, students participate step by step in making a group head as Ms. Locke demonstrates how simple geometric shapes evolve into facial features. Students learn about symmetry, head proportions and how to create facial expressions and hair. Secondary level students are given more detailed instruction involving facial planes, stylized features and hair, armature usage and head construction. This program is designed for both a Single Workshop Session with whole class participation, and as a Residency to allow students time to create their own unique portraits. Ms. Locke works with visual arts teachers goals to provide the best experience in Workshop sessions. Contact YA Office for Residency planning. Grades 2-12)