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McClure Artist Guild

McClure Artist Guild

Category: Musical Arts


For many years, the McClure Artist Guild has offered a wide variety of assembly programs and integrated arts residencies through Young Audiences, specializing in designing customized arts-based learning projects (instructional design, implementation, assessments/ documentation) that address the specific needs of each teacher or school district. Our lead artists are Ted Canning, Glenn McClure and Susan Rozler. Glenn McClure, the Guild's master teacher is active in state and national organizations that support the Arts in Education field. "Galileo's Universe," the guild's art/science project received national attention on National Public Radio's "All Things Considered."


Grades K-12
300 for Performances; Single Class Size for Workshops & Residencies
Length 45 minutes
Cost $645 for Two Back to Back Performances; $645 for 1-hour Evening or Community Events; $500 for Two Back to Back Workshops; Call YA Office for Residency pricing. Travel Fees may be calculated.

Technical Requirements

Please allow 45-60 minutes for set-up and 30-45 minutes to strike; assistance is required with equipment from loading dock to stage/ performance area; provide a large hand-truck or dolly. Performance space should be approximately 20 feet x 10 feet. Artists can provide their own sound equipment if needed.



Overview of Programs

Steel Drum Paradise
Performer Ted Canning: Follow the creation of the steel drum, from discarded oil barrel to a high-tech musical instrument. Through the story of the Trinidadian steel drum, artists demonstrate how music grows and changes as it flows between cultures. (K-12) (Global Studies; Social Studies)

One World Music
Performer Glenn McClure takes students on a trip around the world in music, songs and stories. Students of all ages travel to many counties such as Brazil, Vietnam, Italy, Russia, Cuba, Australia and more. World Music Workshops or Residencies are available upon request. (K-5)

  Workshops and Residencies  
World Music
Performer Glenn McClure or Ted Canning: This program can be provided in Workshop Sessions or as a longer-term Residency. It offers students a hands-on, intensive experience of music and storytelling from any of the assembly presentations, tailored for your curriculum, and compliments the One World Music performance. Planning with teachers is required. Students will explore expression of culture and history through various arts media, including songs, storytelling, instrument building and musical games, drumming sessions and dramatic arts. Residencies culminate in a performance for the entire community. Topics include: Retelling the Story: From Slavery to Freedom, Galileos Universe, The Rainforest, The Erie Canal, The Steel Drum Band, Composing Music with Children, The Science of Sound and The Language of Music and Music of Language. Single Class Size for Workshops & Residencies. (K-5)

  Performances and Family Programs  
The Rainforest
Performer Glenn McClure: Using a wide variety of instruments from rainforest cultures around the world, and students from the audience, this highly interactive program creates a musical picture of rainforest layers - and the animals, people and plants that inhabit them. (K-5)

Great Garbage Concert
Performer Susan Rozler (also see this listing on her artist page!): This musical recycling show brims with bumps, bangs, whooshes, and whirls - as well as sweet melodies - on a seven-foot long pile of musical trash called the 'Garbaphone'! (K-5)

Glenn McClure is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.