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Baobab Cultural Center:

Young Audiences of Rochester (YA) welcomed the Baobab CulturalCenter as one of its newest arts partners in 2012.

VISION: The Baobab Is Your Resource Center
The Baobab is a community gathering-place and resource center for arts, culture, and dialogue on Africa and the Diaspora.

MISSION: Rooted & Routed In African Cultures
The Baobab promotes a deeper understanding of African culture, as rooted in ancient traditions and routed by the migratory experiences of people through the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia to the Americas. Our purpose is to foster community and build social capital. It is humanitarian, not racially or ethnically driven.

Visitors experience this journey through art and educational exhibits, films and documentaries with associated dialogue, poetry readings, book discussions, and other cultural activities.


  • The Baobab is a welcoming space to all people.
  • All programs have an associated cost.
  • Members enjoy access to all quarterly programs, social events with artists, and themed

           parties to celebrate different African cultures.

  • Volunteers are unpaid staff and are essential to the Baobab Community.

The Baobab is a not-for-profit organization with a federal 501-c-3 status.

Priority areas for the Baobab:
Art - Featuring emerging artists through low-budget exhibits. Our preference is emerging or established local, national or international artists whose works create a better understanding of the world in which we live. Though not limited to art with a humanitarian message, we encourage artists to have a message for each exhibit focused on a cause or a social issue of their choice.

Film Dialogue series - Featuring movies that bring the world to the local community with a focus on the black experience. The intent is to generate passionate discussion on social, political, economic and cultural issues to open understanding and appreciation for different races and ethnicities of the African Diaspora.

Lecture Dialogue series - Featuring local speakers and subject matter experts from universities, colleges, and companies in the region. The goal is to break institutional boundaries and bring knowledge on contemporary issues to the public. It helps to think and talk about issues in a neutral creative space.

Themed adventures - focuses on youth development to enhance their understanding of global issues through a five-week mentored program. This process allows the youth to understand and connect global event with their surroundings. We also seek to promote positive youth adult interactions, and help youth nurture their creative instincts as well as develop project management skills needed for success in a service-driven economy.

Yoga - meditative process deeply rooted in African rituals that promote health and self-discipline.

Share the glamor and essence of Africa!
Magnificent Africa
Magnificent Africa is a curriculum-based exhibit and guided gallery tour to the Baobab Cultural Center at 728 University Avenue in Rochester, NY for middle and high school students (grades 6-12). It is a pictorial history of the beginning of man, the beauty and grandeur of the African continent, and a celebration of African genius. Through a series of nineteen large, colorful panels,the story of African migration and trade routes, classical civilizations and great empires, ancient writings, scholarship in math and sciences, and excellence in the arts - from textile making to architecture - is told. It brings to light why a continent so rich in natural resources was admired and desired by many, and why its people, skilled craftsmen and women, became valuable to the New World. This program uses storytelling, real artifacts, sculpture, fabrics, musical instruments, and audience engagement to foster critical thinking and linking the past to popular culture.
Featured Themes:

  • Maps of Africa showing topography & major empires
  • Prehistoric civilizations of the Sahara & Kalahari deserts
  • Civilizations of the Nile Valley and Western Sudan
  • Ancient scripts, symbols, rituals and belief systems
  • Architecture
  • Trade routes
  • European arrival in Africa and slavery
  • African Migration & the ingenuity of the Diaspora
  • Modern economy and state of Africa
  • The fight for Black identity through literature, song, art, religion, and sciences

Contact Ann Hendershot at or 585.530.2060, x204 to book Akwaaba or for more information.