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Museum of Kids Art (MoKA):

Young Audiences of Rochester (YA) welcomed the Museum of Kids Art (MOKA) as one of its newest arts partner in 2012. MOKA is now MOKA on the MOVE, taking "art on the road" and providing experiences that stimulate, educate, and motivate area children and youth. Known for projects that feature bold, bright, beautiful visual imagery and poetry and incorporate the meditative arts for children primarily ages 6-9, MOKA continues its tradition of creating unique arts integrated programs.

MOKA's mission is to educate and inspire urban youth through the arts, provide mentored training in life skills and to equip and educate future leaders to further demonstrate entrepreneurial potential, while strategically and skillfully aligning with YA's core mission.

The act of art making is naturally peaceful & healing. MOKA's gentle art program brings these concepts together, offering rich and textural enrichment to core academics. For example, brief breathing meditation, large colorful painting, a simple poem, soft music, a yoga pose, and storytelling are integrated into a calming multimedia program that is customized for classrooms of all types, after school, faith-based, or community programs. Children learn relaxation, basic painting themes of composition, shape, color, form, and beauty, as well as experience literacy enrichment with poetry and stories.

Michelle Cardulla, publisher of Lake Affect Magazine, and Founder of MOKA, she has been conducting workshops for children of all ages since 1994 and has published their artwork extensively.

Contact Ann Hendershot at or 585.530.2060, x204 to book MOKA on the Move or for more information.